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Selection of melon seeds


During the Chinese new year, we must meet melon seeds and peanuts. Relatives and friends get together to eat melon seeds, drink tea, chat gossip and play cards, which is a good way to deepen each other's feelings. There are also many consumers who buy melon seeds even at ordinary times and knock them in their spare time. How can they buy melon seeds with more meat

Purchase: in terms of manufacturing method, like the sunflower seeds fried in a large pot, the ingredients are put in the pot and then fried. The flavor of the seasoning is all on the sunflower seed skin. So, you can try this: put the melon seeds in your hand and rub them hard. You can see that there are a lot of residues on your hand. These are some spices and some ash on the street. Some sunflower seeds, first of all, have bright colors in terms of appearance. The production process is a soaking method, which puts all the materials together, and then puts the melon seeds in. After soaking, all the flavors are integrated into the melon seed kernel, and then dried. It can be said that the taste is all in it. Generally speaking, there are only two ways to produce sunflower seeds