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What is the history of melon seeds


Eating melon seeds seems to be a skill that everyone will grow up. For eating melon seeds, there is no need to learn, and it is also a custom in China. Sunflower seeds are almost necessary for daily snacks. When watching TV, playing computer and chatting, sunflower seeds always appear on our table and often appear on the dinner table. In this issue, let's talk about the history of melon seeds in China

The custom of eating melon seeds became popular in the Ming Dynasty and intensified in the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. Before the late Qing Dynasty, "melon seeds" were mainly watermelon seeds. Pumpkin seeds began to be popular since the late Qing Dynasty, and sunflower seeds rose again during the Republic of China, which determined the situation of tripartite confrontation today

Chinese people are good at eating and like to eat melon seeds, which may stem from the concept of frugality, and then gradually go deep into the level of food culture, which has become a custom. The custom of eating melon seeds probably originated in the north, not only because the records of eating melon seeds are mainly found in the historical documents of the north, but also because the winter in the north is cold and long. During the slack season, people stay at home all day to avoid the cold - vividly called "cat winter". The main way to kill time is to eat melon seeds and chat. The custom of eating melon seeds spread like this

It turns out that eating melon seeds was a custom as early as the Ming Dynasty. Whether emperors, generals, scholars, or civilians, men, women, young and old, like eating melon seeds. Use a few sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds regularly. Don't eat too many sunflower seeds. It's easy to get angry